As Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) evaluates amending the Hazard Communication Standard (“HCS”),29 CFR 1910.1200, both industry and work safety groups continue to warn that theproposed changesgo too far. Although couched as simple changes that will bring the standard in alignment with international standards for management of hazardous materials, the

The coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic has continued to evolve, with COVID-19 cases declining in some areas and vaccinations being rolled out in phases by local public health authorities. Yet widespread vaccinations are not expected to be in place until later in 2021, with many Americans not having access to vaccines until May or June at the

Cynthia L. Attwood was sworn in as Chair of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (Review Commission), January 20, 2021, following her designation by President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Ms. Atwood is very familiar with the role of Chair, having served as Acting Chairman and then Chairman from April 2015 until January 2017. In

In November, California quietly approvedThe Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s (“Cal OSHA”) COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (“ETS”)。Cal OSHA的ET几乎立即给雇主带来了严重的乐动平台-首页困惑和挑战,这些雇主已经在与Covid-19有关的无数联邦,州和地方要求苦苦挣扎。Cal 乐动平台-首页Osha的ET似乎也创造了新的

Smoke from Western wildfires caused Washington state to experience some of the worst air quality in the world this year, which increased health risks to outdoor workers. In response, the state’s Department of Labor & Industries’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health (“L&I” or “Division”) announced that it is developing new workplace health and safety

It is an unfortunate outcome of this pandemic that in the OSHA world, guidance lags behind enforcement. While state and federal agencies try to make up their minds on the best way of managing COVID-19 threats in the workplace, many employers who have to remain open are receiving citations and penalties for, essentially, making educated